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Veteran Caregiver Support
1355 Central Parkway S, Ste. 100
San Antonio, TX 78232

Phone:(210) 659-7756
Toll Free:(800) 722-6098

Learn more about supporting the Operation Homefront Veteran Caregiver Support program below.

Retreat Sponsorship Opportunities

In 2007, Operation Homefront began supporting caregivers through a program called Veteran Caregiver Support (formerly known as Hearts of Valor). Maintained by Operation Homefront, Veteran Caregiver Support created a secure website as a private place for the caregivers to talk, vent and ask questions. As time progressed, a clinical psychologist and a peer mentor were brought in to listen to the caregivers and ensure they find professional help.


Our hallmark retreats were created to help connect these caregivers with others providing the same care, gain a better understanding of what PTSD is, learn coping skills, and care for their veteran. Veteran Caregiver Support's goal is to teach each caregiver how to reduce their stress while caring for the veteran. Veteran Caregiver Support seeks to honor the service and sacrifice of the people who care for our nation's wounded, ill or injured service members by providing a community of support based on a foundation of empathy and mutual understanding.


Sponsorship opportunities are currently available below or you may contact Ebony Strange at 240-403-7294 to discuss a customizable plan for your company.


The Golden Heart: $100,000
With the Golden Heart Sponsorship, your company would be the chief supporter of three complete Veteran Caregiver Support retreats to include venue, transportation, retreat events and meals.


The Silver Heart: $60,000
With the Silver Heart Sponsorship, your company would be able to finance travel and board for 40 attendees at two retreats.


The Bronze Heart: $30,000
With the Bronze Heart Sponsorship, your company would provide the program expenses for one retreat. In addition, this package would also include a line item to include the cost of filming the retreat. This would allow Veteran Caregiver Support to expand their retreat reach to their entire network of supporters by posting the videos online for all to view.


The Local Heart: $8,000
As a local heart you will sponsor your local caregivers at their monthly peer support gatherings. Caregivers are meeting twice a month, in your local community, to discuss life's problems as well as share the good times and bad. We have found that laughing, crying, and being with friends, while sharing quiet, intimate moments is considered to be mood-protective and helps caregivers remain resilient in their roles.

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